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Welcome to the Tarot de Cooperstown
The Tarot de Cooperstown is a standard, 78-card, baseball-themed tarot deck that can be used to play... baseball! You’re on the official site for buying one, learning about its history and figuring out how to play the card game. Soon a forum will be added for those who have bought a deck. We are also developing an online version/app. Interested? If you Like our Facebook page, you’ll be able to stay informed about its progress.

Of course, the Tarot de Cooperstown can be used for the purposes of cartomancy and divination, just like any other tarot deck. The Queen cards have been treated a bit differently for the purposes of playing baseball, but they are all in there, one for each suit. Being a baseball-themed deck, the minor arcana suits are Bats, Gloves, Bases and Balls instead of Wands, Cups, Swords and Coins.

Use those navigation links above to play around with the site, and enjoy the fact that there are no unrequested video ads popping up while you’re here.