Ah, you've got the idea! What next?

Download the .PDF, and have it printed out at 220%

Download the .PDF, and have it printed out at 220%
If you have read the rules (and if you've bought a deck, you should!), you've noticed this illustration serving as the backdrop when the cards are laid out to play the Tarot de Cooperstown baseball game. More often, you'll just be playing on a table top, or a desk top, or even the floor, depending on how young you feel.

But wouldn't it add a certain pizzazz to have that backdrop to play on? We thought so, too. So linked above are two vector .PDF files. Feel free to download either... or both.

They'll need to be printed out at 220% for the cards to fit on them -- that means they'll be about 18" x 24", which your printer at home won't accommodate. In the U.S., it is possible to have Fedex/Kinkos print them for you at poster size. It would cost a bit (like, more than a TdC deck), but it would intimidate the opposition.